Friday, April 16, 2010

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. Jim Morrison

Free Write.....

Bloated. That's how I feel as of this very moment. Stressed. I hate stress. I affects me way to much. I hate hearing people yell at each other. It sounds so hippie but seriously why can't everybody just get along? I just wish that every one could try, even for just one day, to be nicer to each other. Respect each other. Treat each other like human beings. Ones that deserve to be on the planet. Ugh. I guess I'm fed up. I don't really know of what but I'm fed up.

I just want to get passed being 25 and having no purpose. I want to have a career again. I want to feel like a contributing member of society. I know that I have to get through these classes in order to get my degree but I just want them to be over. I want Tim and I to start our real lives. I want to see who we become.

We deserve so much. We deserve to be happy. We deserve to have what we want from life. We deserve it because we've both worked our butt's off and it's yet to pay off. I just want to get passed this feeling. I also need to work on being more comfortable with being Dana. I obviously can't change who I am. I've been this way for far too long to try and change now. I need to accept it.

I'm Dana Curtis. I'm socially ackward. I hate being hugged by everyone except Tim. Even the thought that hug may happen soon makes me nervous and I want to curl up in a little ball and cry. I'm oftentimes rude. It's as if I have no filter. I don't understand emotions. They're not logical so I can't understand them. Babies aren't automatically adorable to me. I really do wish that there could be peace on Earth and that the rich should share their wealth. That's right, I think a form of communism/socialism sounds great. I think I would even enjoy working and living on a farm/commune where you produce your own food and everyone is part of the common good. I love food. Everything except deviled eggs and tuna. I don't want kids because I would be a horrible mother. I value intelligence so much that it makes me judge mental. I need to work on that. Ok that's enough. :)

That was fun.