Sunday, June 20, 2010

“Never do wrong when people are looking.” Mark Twain

Today was the third day of the quilt run and I've helped all three days. It's been so much fun and slightly annoying. Some of the women are coming into the shop and getting their passport stamped and just leaving the shop. They don't even look around at the shop! There is so much fabric in the shop that I think they may have more cotton fabrics than the local Michael's shop.

At least look at the shop. It makes us sad when you don't even take a look around. I'm not saying you should buy something at all 38 shops but man, look around. Other than that, it's been fun and full of great food. Sandwiches, including the infamous peanut butter, butter, and grape jelly. Mmmhm. And chinese food today. Got home around 9:30 or so and hung out watching the family play video games.

Then inspiration hit and Aaron and I made a microwave mug cake! It was awesome. So tasty. Great day but I'm tired now and I really need some sleep. Gotta be at the shop at 8. :)