Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good month.

Today I realized that we had already had a pretty accomplishment filled January and it's not even over yet. We got blinds up in almost every window. I think my goal for February will be to get some curtains up. I know I'm capable of doing it, I'm just nervous. I'm still slightly afraid of my sewing machine. Haha.

We also got two doors replaced and participated in the replacement, if only slightly. I finally renewed my license, a mere week before it expired. We found out that we'll be able to afford going to La Verne and managed to already fill out the financial aid stuff for next year. We also signed up for classes and on the first we'll be starting at a real college.

It's been a good month! Not a lot of fighting amongst Tim and I. I hope this will continue because I love him so much and it's the silliest of things that we bicker about. I've also been trying to spend more time in my craft room as well. I get out so much when I'm in there. It's like free therapy. It's not like there is anything particularly wrong with me, it's just sometimes I need to be alone with my creative thoughts. Sometimes I need to create, even if no one will ever benefit from my creations.

I'm so disappointed in my lack of selling ability. I really need to pour my heart into my craft but it's so much easier to be lazy! I need to build a better light box and practice taking better pictures. I really love creating and it would be awesome to at least make enough money to sustain my habit.