Thursday, September 3, 2009

If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all. -Noam Chomsky

Oh blog how I've neglected you. You've been nothing but good to me and yet I do this to you. You don't deserve it and I won't make any excuses because I'm sure you've heard them all. I will try and be better to you. I promise oh dear blog, I promise.

So, the new schedule this semester has us going to class 4 days a week which may sound like a bad deal but it's actually really awesome. On Monday and Wednesday's we have only one class and it starts at 9:30 and is done by about 11 which means we still have the entire day open to do homework for the Monday class or for our other classes. Plus the class is interesting because the teacher cares and the students in the class seem to want to learn. Ignorant, many of them are, but they sure do love asking questions.

Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays we don't even have to be at our first class until 11. We get to sleep in and then go to our English class and debate with others about controversial topics. BTW, I did pick my topic. Marijuana. It should be legal for anyone over the age of 21 in the US. Three other people picked my topic which I guess is telling of what students think are important issues to them. Tim is doing that gays should legally have the right to be married in all 50 states. We love that class.

We actually talk and participate in all of the discussions and get all riled up. It's awesome. A few of us that seem to have similar opinions on controversial issues have teamed up and I think the teacher fears us a little now. Haha. Then of course there is math. Our math teacher (who looks and acts a lot like Andy Rooney) is just as amazing as he was last semester. Not a lot has happened in that class because it's just the beginning.

Then there is our Film as an Art Form class. It's our online class and thus far I think the teacher may be able to make learning about movies suck. We'll make the best out of it but we're not expecting much. Our first "paper" has a minimum of 500 words and that's to get a D. It's on a music video. They're not exactly known for being long so writing 500 words is a little ridiculous. But whatevs. I'm so over it.

I got an Etsy sale this week! I love going to the Post Office when it's for Etsy. I'll be making more stuff and putting it up soon hopefully. And the site is going well also. I've been able to write articles pretty much everyday. I think I might need a staff writer. One that is willing to work for free of course. So there you go blog. Are you happy? I wrote a lot!


Bridget said...

wow you sound super busy with school...congrats on the sale...

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