Friday, May 1, 2009


Life as usual is coming at me so fast that it's hard to know if I'll ever catch up, physically or emotionally.  I had a midterm in my anthropology lab class that I stressed myself out way too much about.  Tim is getting a job instead of going to school.  I feel so alone in class without my Tim there to protect me.  I didn't have to talk to anyone because I had him but now I'm a lonely loser.  Haha.  I did however lose some weight and now according to Wii Fit I'm "normal" BMI.  I don't really care about the numbers but it's nice to have people say that I look nice and stuff like that.  What person doesn't want to be told that they look nice?  

I also had a momentary lapse in judgement in thinking I should close down my Etsy shop because I was acting on the emotions of the past day or two.  I think I'm gonna try and keep it up.  I really need to re-take my pictures this weekend.  I hope that I get around to it.

Overall, crazy couple of days but I made it through and it's all gonna be fine.  The important things (Tim, Miya, family, and friends) are still here for me and will continue to be here for me.  I just have to stay positive in this negative world I live in.  :)


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