Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today was a school day which is never all that fun.  In Anthropology we mostly talked about why dinosaurs aren't around anymore which was pretty interesting.  We've had way better lectures though.  Not his best work.  Then we studied for like 30 minutes for a math test.  We probably should've gone into the test more prepared but hey at least I had an answer written down for each problem.  Then of course, came the dreaded English class.

I hate that class on so many levels.  The teacher, the other students, and even the books/other material they force us to read and make us think that the are somehow classics!  Ugh!  I hate fiction books!  Why would something that is fake when there are so many non-fiction books that I could actually learn something from.  I could still write a paper on a non-fiction book just like the stupid fiction ones we're forced to read but then I would at least be learning a little something.

Speaking of reading, everyone should check out anything written by Howard Zinn.  Especially "The People's History of the United States."  I've only read about the first 20 or so pages and I've learned more then I did in four years of high school and I took US History twice!!!!

My husband's b-day is coming up in 8 days.  We're gonna go to Disneyland and I hope that everything will go perfectly.  I think the weather should be nice at least.  Plus, I think he gets a $60 gift card for it being his b-day and him being a passholder!  Man, he's awesome!  Haha.

That's all for now.  Off to crochet.


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