Friday, July 10, 2009

Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom. -Thomas Jefferson

I won another giveaway!  I love giveaways.  They
make me smile no matter how my day is going!  So thanks to TheBakerDaughter.  Check out her blog because she is still having giveaways!





MommyBrain said...

Just found a comment from you on my blog ... and quickly realized we have a few things in common ... we share the same first (and somewhat uncommon) name. Yep, I'm a Dana, too :) Also I have had quite a bit of luck winning giveaways lately! However, I cannot sew ... but your little creatures are adorable! Perhaps Etsy is in your future?

MommyBrain said...

Oh ... duh ... I just found your Etsy store :)

La Chauve-Souris said...

great strore :)

Chrisy said...

Congrats! Hope the winning streak continues!

Camera Girl said...

What did you win lovely? xo

Hyla said...


Please stop by and pick up your blog award!


MyBeadyEye... said...

Congrats on the win!! :-)

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