Thursday, July 9, 2009

My inspiration is ART. . . Because without ART we would just be stuck with reality. - Daniel Robert Lynch

So I can sew!  I made two creatures!  I love them!  I need names for them.  I'm so happy that I'm using my new machine.  I'm going to open up the craft book my mom gave me this weekend.  I'll be listing all my new stuff on Etsy soon.  I'm just so bad at taking pictures so I'm trying to convince Tim to take them for me.  :)

The one on the left was my first and the one on the right was my second.  What should I name them?


Awsombbbt said...

Can't wait to get mine.

Hannah; said...

The one on the left should be, Lubert or Dr. Finklestien! :) As for the right, Poopdick! HAHAHAAHA.


Name them Ollie (L) and Octie (R). Then you can make all kinds of cultural and biological references, assumptions and conncetions and expand the discourse! But hey I'm just a dog.

Athena's Armoury said...

They are adorable! Good for you for taking out your machine and sewing. I got a great machine off of Freecycle last summer and still haven't figured out how to use it.

By the way, picture taking is so not one of my favorite parts of online selling, too. But, I must admit, that the more I work at it the better they get (they were pretty bad to start!).

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