Thursday, October 1, 2009

We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing. -Anon

Today we had a psychic come to our English class! I was so excited. When Mrs. BeDell told us that he was coming she asked who believed in magic/psychics/ESP? No one except me believes. I'm telling you just watch Derren Brown and you will become a believer. He's amazing. He doesn't do all the gasping in for air to get his "power" sort of thing. He's just magic. Plain and simple.
I was slightly disappointed today however. The psychic turned out to be Mr. BeDell! Her husband. I was expecting someone who actually believed in it and he shows up and does a few things but mostly tells us that it's not real! Boo. I wanted someone to blow my mind.

Math almost blew my mind today but so far I'm still trucking along there. We had our first quiz in government and I was of course the first one finished. I just get so nervous on test day. It's not like go too fast because I often do well on tests but I know that if I sit there with the test in front of me then I will change answers and add stuff onto the essay question that have nothing to do with the actual question.

So when I get up there the teacher just stares at me. I continue to try and hand my quiz to him and he is still just staring. I just tell him I read fast. He laughs and takes my essay answer and flips the paper over and tells me to write more. I wrote on the back of the paper! That's a lot. I only left off two bullet points from my outline when I had the book in front of me! I couldn't have wrote any more.

So hopefully, I still get a good grade. I guess I'll find out on Monday. I'm excited to see.


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