Monday, January 25, 2010

A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. Thomas Carlyle

No courage yet but it's actually sprinkled with a bit of laziness. We woke up today and Tim got right on the phone with VA and they said that they had in fact received his application for benefits but the sad news is that he's at the back of the line now. That means 12 weeks of waiting to finally get paid for the last semester. I am so grateful that Tim is such a great money saver because I don't know what we would be living of off.

Then I called and made an appointment for new glasses!!! I'm so excited. The appointment is tomorrow an I can't wait. Tim also made an appointment which is good because they're having a really good special on glasses where we're getting 2 pairs for only $100. That's what I wanted for my birthday, new glasses, and now I get two pairs it's awesome.

Writing the word awesome reminds me of this weekend when my sister Hannah said that the word "awesome" sounds lame coming from anyone but me. :) Now that's awesome.

This week we also have to go to the college and get the ISBN's for our new books for the semester. Last's semester's book were quite interesting and way better than the first semester so hopefully it'll continue in that fashion and our new books will be the best yet.

Semi-busy week coming up I guess. Hopefully laziness will not prevail tomorrow and I will take pictures of my hair bows.

I almost forgot about this weekend's other great memory! My mom got a new tattoo.

She loves it and I think it's awesome. LOL.


Renée M. said...

"Awesome"? ;)
It really is! :)
And your blog header is awesome, too.

cabin + cub said...

Pretty tattoo!..It is ... awesome! ;)

Walk in the Woods said...

Your mom's tat is very pretty/. :)

T @ Poppy Place said...

Happy B.Day for Monday :)

Your Mom's tat loves gorgeous, never been brave enough to do it myself :)

Have a great Thursday, regards, T.

T @ Poppy Place said...

That should be "looks Gorgeous" oops! :)

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