Thursday, January 21, 2010

NOAM CHOMSKY: It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and expose lies.

Yesterday started off like any other day but it sure did not end that way! So Tim has been waiting for his payment from the VA since before October of last year and there was still no news. We were trying to give them the benefit of the doubt because there are thousands of veterans who are going through the same thing that we are but we decided to give them a call just to see.

When Tim finally got through after being told about 10 times that the line was busy and being hung up on and then waiting almost 30 minutes for a person to finally pick up and the women on the other end takes Tim's heart and just crushes it. The VA hasn't received anything from Victor Valley College that says you're enrolled or any information at all for that matter!

What! How is that possible! You see we went to the Vice President of the school because we had many problems with this in the past and we thought it was fixed. Tim had the blinds of the help window shut in his face and was told 3 seperate times that the paperwork had been submitted. All lies. All of it.

So we decided to take a drive over to VVC and
we walk straight into the President's office and we talk to his secretary, Victoria. She was very helpful and called the women, the lying women, who deserves to have her job stripped from her and she tells Victoria that she has Tim's file and she still needs to do some work on it before she can fax it to VA!

WHAT!?!?!? Are you kidding me woman? You told the Vice President himself that you had sent the information already and even gave a copy of what you claimed to have sent! That's just bologna. So Victoria stresses that the VA needs her to fax this information ASAP and that we need three specific things to be included in the fax. She proceeds to tell Victoria that she wants to digitally send it instead of fax it even though we just got off the phone with the VA representative who specifically stated that we should
fax it so she would be able to make Tim's case a priority. Once Victoria tells this lying women that we are going to talk to the President all of a sudden she will have the paperwork done and sent within ten minutes.

Grr. Just grr. We did speak with the President who honestly seemed more like he had heard these types of stories about his employees than actually showing concern for the disabled veteran's whose only source of income is being stripped away by one women whom he employs.

So the Vice President calls the lying woman and makes s
ure that the paperwork is being sent. We of course don't believe a word that she says because she has already told us three times that it was sent. He walks us over to the building that she is in and we receive the copy of the fax that she sent and this time we also get the cover sheet. We realize that one of the three things that needed to be on the fax is not there and that's when the Vice President pawns us off to the financial aid director.

The man was very nice and cordial but boy did he hate when we called his employee a liar. That's what she is. A lying liar that lies. So we'll see if the paperwork goes through this time. And of course the VA is closed on Thursday and Friday so they can process more claims so we have to wait until Monday until we can call and check.

Overall, VVC sucks and if on Monday that paperwork didn't go through there will be letters written or something. Grr. Oh and it snowed! It snowed in the High Desert. So weird.


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