Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Awaiting wonderfullness...

Today was filled with load noises thanks to the contractor that installed our brand new back door. I'm so excited. Now I don't have to put Miya through the window anymore. It looks so nice too. The only bad thing is that the man manipulated the kitchen so much that we skipped lunch and were starving for dinner. We got Round Table pizza because we had a 50 percent off coupon. It was delicious and I believe that I will have a root beer float in a bit.

Tomorrow we are going to meet with our academic advisor at La Verne. We have to be there at 11 so we'll be waking up pretty early. I think I'll have an english muffin and some coffee so I'll be in a good mood. I get so dang cranky when I don't have food in my belly.

I'm awaiting my root beer float and therefore at a loss of what else to write.


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