Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nervous but excited.

We had that meeting at it was more of a meet and greet. It's awesome that this guy seemed like he was on top of what was going on and if he didn't, he was willing to make a quick call. I'm so excited to start at La Verne but I am truly nervous. I'm wondering how much more rigorous it's going to be compared to community college. I know we can do it but still, it's scary.

After coming home we had to do some things to finish up the back door. Had to buy paint and primer and this and that. Then we took back the blinds that my mom bought for us and exchanged them for verticals because we have to cut them to fit around our swamp cooler. We had to come home and primer all of the trim for around the doors and then we'll paint in the morning. The contractor will be over here at 8:30 which may actually be good because hopefully he'll be out of here semi-early.

I made some awesome chili tonight and I think I'm gonna have some ice cream for dessert. The only bad thing about today was that I didn't get to go to the gym because we got home too late. Grr. Well, there's always tomorrow.


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